Medicliff Pharma Distributors

The amounts stated are independent amounts – (One amount is not a conversion of the other)

Total Awarded in ZWL
Posting Date No. Vendor No. Vendor Amount Purchase Order No.
21/5/2020 PINV000151 ZW3566 Medicliff Pharma Distributors 1,017,300.00 HRE002692
25/9/2020 PINV000382 ZW3566 Medicliff Pharma Distributors 2,149,200.00 HRE002727
Quantity Variant Code Description Expiration Date Lot No./SUPPLIER Location Code Customer Name Unit of Measure Code
2 Infrared Thermometer (Thermoscans) 31/12/2030 MEDICLIFF-014296/20 HARARE Ministry Of Health EACH